Sunday, May 5, 2013

Open letter from the R.H.I.O. and Hoa-Mai Club

May 5th, 2013
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Creating opportunities for the less fortunate, an especially child of poor families, to attend school is a very practical solution for these same people to improve their lives.  The challenges of the Vietnamese children residing in Cambodia, learning to read and write the local language is paramount for them to live in harmony with the native population.  This illiteracy forces many to work in physical labor at the lowest of wages.  Providing them with the opportunity to compete in higher jobs comes with a higher level of education necessary for them to break out of the misery their families have suffered for generations.
Education is the best investment for next generation of Vietnamese children to have a brighter future in Cambodia.  A child that is sponsored by this program would be able to finish high school, attend a university and become an intelligent and responsible member of the community where they will be in a position to contribute to a better social environment for others in the future.
Dear Supporter,
We all know the importance that education plays in providing the necessary key needed to unlock doors to a brighter future.  It is our goals that with supporters like you; together we can bring assistance to these impoverished families and provide them with the tools to rise out of poverty.
We are very receptive to your feedback on the program we are instituting in Cambodia to alleviate this problem and that you will open your heart to help those in a positive way through education.
We have provided an over view of Reliance of Humanity International Organization (RHIO).

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