Saturday, June 1, 2013

Introduction about the 3-Plus Classes Program

Situation: Approximately 300,000 Vietnamese live legally in Cambodia, while the numbers of illegals is thought to be at least five times higher.  Many come to earn a living that is in reality substandard for any decent human.  Due to this situation many families cannot afford the tuition for their children to attend school.  Most children that do attend school, do so at the generosity of the teacher taking pity on these children, however this is the exception and not the rule. 
For the illegal families the situation is much worse.  Lacking proper IDs or nationality status, their children are force to forego school and enter the workforce for even lower wages.  The need for schooling is paramount for these kids to have a chance.  This program would implement a program to teach these children in Cambodian, Vietnamese, and English -- FREE OF CHARGE.
Goals:  To establish classrooms where the elementary classes would be free of charge for all impoverished families working in the cities, provinces and towns in the Kingdom of Cambodia  (CBD). With high expectations for the future, especially young Cambodian of Vietnamese descent, providing opportunities for attending secondary schools in the major provinces with scholarship assistance programs to those students that demonstrate the drive and aptitude to succeed academically.
Implementation Modalities:  Humanity International Organization (R.H.I.O.) is a non-profit organization that has officially granted permission by the government of the Kingdom of Cambodia.  It established in May of 2012 and is progressing to build and develop elementary schools that are teaching Cambodian, Vietnamese and English to students from first through fifth grade at no cost.  

The program has launched on June 2, 2013 in the area of Borey Sieng Nam in Siem Reap city. After the program is stable and supported from contributors, the development of a finance to ensure continued revenue, the program will move forward to open more classes in other regions.
Teaching Objectives:  The program aims to teach classes that will consist of three languages (Cambodian, Vietnamese, and English) and will provide mentors for each discipline.  This approach will provide these students with an added edge to enter the workforce of today’s global economy.  The classes are currently held on Monday – Saturday, three hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon.
Campus Facilities:  Depending on the circumstances of each region, the size and form of the facilities will be determined at need.  Currently, a first grade classes are held in a townhouse unit that has been rented for the program.  As resources become available a more suitable location will be procured to enhance the student’s frame of mind in a better learning environment in the next 6 months.
Budget:  After the initial period of development the determined funds needed to operate the schools was established as follows:
Rent location + utilities
3 teachers salaries
Salary of babysitters before and after school
Contract amount of shuttle for 15 children
Lunch money for 40 children ($0.55 x 40 children x 24 days)
Money to buy notebooks, pens, writing table, and so on.
Office products, miscellaneous expenses…
Total monthly cost:
The expense for classes of next phrase would be lower since some expenses could be shared with the main facility.
The legal cost to establish RHIO is self-funded by the family of Mr. Y Doeur  - The Director of R.H.I.O..  The education budget for the preliminary period, June – September 2013 is sponsored by the Hoa-Mai Club.  Afterward progressive funding and financial support will come from potential donors and contributors from other countries and Cambodia.
R.H.I.O. is reaching out to potential contributors to help these disadvantaged families.  We hope you can contribute as much or as little as you can to help these children have a better chance in life through education.  A wise man once said,
"Give a man a fish, he eats for one day, but teach a man to fish and he will feed himself for the rest of his life”
Please feel free to contact R.H.I.O. if you require any additional information about our program.
You are welcome to visit our facility at:
Reliance of Humanity International School
Unit #JJ-4, Street #10, Borey Seang Nam
Siem Reap City, Siem Reap Province
Kingdom of Cambodia

Mr. Yi Doeur, Director
Mobile Phone: (855) 1267-5554

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